Candy fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
silver tortie tabby mc (fs 23)

She is really a Candy! Elegant and still wild on the outside,
is her inside sooo sweet and gentle. She is totaly mommy`s girl but sometimes
visitors can enjoy her lovelyness, too. She is full of surprises, just like a box of candys. Theire`s only one thing, she doesn`t like: Kittens of other cats.
But she loves our Rabbit! Doesn`t mind if a strange dog comes to visit,
and is very social to any other creature.

She is one of the last doughters of our Dooley,wich makes her eaven more special for us. She has an excellent coat structure, wich she got from our Pappa-Bear: Dooley.
The excellent profile and her extreem bushy tail, she got from her mom.
Her chin is not very strong, but it`s not bad. Her colour is a perfect clear silver, with
red shivering sparkels everywhere, wich you can only see, if you take a close look.
Depending on the lightfall, you can see her wonderfull bright green eyes.
She`s just our little Candy-girl!

Her enormus social temperment is responsible for the fact that we had to give her away.
This doesn't sound logic - here the explanation:
Our Tyson didn't feel at home with us anymore. He was afraid of all the fertile cats and just sat in the corner like a very afraid little pile of cat. So we first decided to move him to Romina's room. So he would not be alone there, we gave him Candy as company. He always liked her very much, even though she was stil fertile! After we tried everything with Bachblossoms ect. we decided it would be best for him to leave us ;,o((( After long searching for a good home, we thought it would be best at our neighbors home, who was living all alone. But there he would have to live without cat company and that was not neccasary and would have been cruel. So i had to neuter one of my best breeding queens and give her away as company for Tyson ;,o((((
Both are doing very well there and they are loved very much!

With her son Milo

12 years old