EST 1993......

D*Nic Nac av Svalbard
black tabby blotched white (n 09 22)
born on 06.02.2016

GSD4 free
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) free

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Kalkar DE
Houten NL

His parents:

Mother: D*Maja av Svalbard
(n 09 22)
Father: D*Murphy's Casanova
(n 22)

Complete inbreeding 3,68% and Polaris 10,7%

Pedigree on Pawpeds

It was meant to be...
When he was 4 weeks old i already fell in love with this "dreamboy".
But i was there for a girl and not for a boy... And of course he was no girl.
Some time later he was promised to someone else. So i tried to stop thinking about him...
But some weeks later, the people had chosen another boy and the breeder was thinking about keeping him.
From that moment on i knew that he was meant to be for us! And i kept on nagging the breeder about him ;)
Last but not least our Forestcat virus had started with a Svalbard male in 1993!
On the cat show i saw him again and tried to convince the breeder to entrust him to us.
And some days later we went to Germany to collect our wonderful boy <3 <3 <3
So he came to us at the age of 8 months, acting like he had always been with us :)
He is crazy about our kids and about us <3

Thank you so much Dagmar for the trust in us!!!

Almost 2 years

1 year and 9 months

13 months
"Did you call me?" :)

10 months

9 months

8 months

With his new friend Marley, third day at our home :)

8 months
Not even 12 hours in our home!
Like he had never been anywhere else :)

7 months

5 months

12 weeks

10 weeks

9 weeks

8 weeks

5 weeks

4 weeks