EST 1993......

A real norwegian lady from Norway without pedigree background!
Mother nature still had the last word!

black & white (n 09)
Born on 01.05.2018

In 2013 we collected our first real norwegian forestcat boys (Smyril and Dooley) from Norway.
Just like with those boys, we are going to do all DNA tests necesary with this new swang of fresh blood.
Of course not only the health tests, but also the tests to see if they are also purebreed Norwegian Forestcats.
At suitable age they will be tested for Hart and kidney diseases by ultrasoud.

In Norway it is not usual to visit the vet whit your cats when you have a litter.
Unless they breed for the cats show.
The "common" Norwegian, who has a litter (for what ever reason) leaves it all to mother nature.
They don't vaccinate or deworm theire cats. Nor do they visit the vet when a kitten is not feeling well.
Even though we don't understand this, it gives us the guarante for 100% nataural selection!
Only the strongest survive...
And this is what gives us hope that this fresh blood will bring more health to our beloved breed!

Most breeders believe that no real Norwegian Forestcats live in the wild of Norway anymore.
Witch is totally unlogical of course, if you consider the fact the the Norwegian Forestcat is already described in the Northern Mythology! That the Norwegian Forestcat got her pedigree status many hunderd years later (1977), does not mean that they got extinct right afterwards in the nature of Norway!

In the countrary! The Norwegian Forestcat with pedigree hasn't been purebreed right from the start!
There had always been mixed in other (pedigree) breeds to "improve" the type and coat!
The cattery "av Baune" (from the first hour of Norwegian Forestcat breeding) had been closed because it was found out that they had been mixing in persians in secret and on regular bases.
"Housecat X Persian = Norwegian Forestcat" has been a motto for awhile...
Other catteries had been mixing in oriental cats to "improve" the head type even officially. Of course this also happend in secret... Maine Coon were mixed in for a firmer chin etc!
We can agree on the fact that this has not done any good to the breed. Neither in health nor in type, nor in charakter!
The special features of the Norwegian Forestcat - the dubble and water resistant coat and the very special charakter suffered from it. And to think of all the diseaes of the other breeds that came into the once so strong Norwegian Forestcat. Years ago they reached ages of 15 to 21! That is now long gone history due to inbreeding and mixing.
In a facebook group were published test results from DNA test for the Norwegian Forestcat hair gene. One thought that it would say something about the coat quality... Out of prox 30 tetsted pedigree Norwegians only 2 were homozygote for the Norwegian Forestcat hair gene!
This young lady has yet to be tested, but our first Norwegians were homozygote for the Norwegian Forestcat hair gene! Another proof that the real Norwegian Forestcat still roams free in Norway!

Now more about our funny girl Trulte:

This girl is so full of mischief and carzy ideas! She knows exactly what she wats and she wants to be where ever we are!
As soon as i enter a room,even just to get some stuff, she is right behind me as quickly as a lightning! And when she finds out i already left the room again, she cries desperately to get me to pick her up again hahha She makes us laugh all the time with her funny and smart way.

Her coat quality is wonderful and the grannenhairs are very obviously there!
The profile is nice and her tail is extremely looong!

We are very curious about her further development.
She just turned 8 months and she keeps on developing so well!
She is very strongbuilt and most judges prefer the skinny type NFO... But the old school judges are stunned by her amazing coat quality and her overall original NFO look. One judge said "it feels like i travelled back in time 40 years when we saw the first NFO in Norway" She got really sentimental and her eyes sparkled by the look of our Trulte :)
It was such a wonderful experiance for both the jodge and me :)
Trulte is also so very lovely and easy going <3

0,0% Polaris!

Show results:

Hoevelaken NL
Breed determination
Recognized as Norwegian Forestcat!
Hoevelaken NL
NFO 3-6 months
EX2 (the EX1 went to her sister)
Gouda NL
Kalkar DE

Almost 11 months

Almost 10 months

9 months
The pictures also tell a lot about her charakter :)

Just turned 8 months
weight 3,9kg


Just turned 7 months old

6 months

She is sooo sweet <3

Almost 6 months

5,5 months

Exactly 5 months

4,5 months
So full of mischief hahaha

Elvis has left the building... hahaha

Her first time outside after the quarantaine time.
The blood test results confirmed that she is totally healthy
And already so many crazy ideas :)

Who? Me? Why???? LOL

So much adventure makes you tired...


4 months

Trulte with her sister Søtnos, who now lives at another cattery here in NL.
A big thanks to Anneke for picking them up for us!

These where the first pictures i saw from the sisters