EST 1993......

European Champion
Amicus Mild One
black tabby blotched & white (n 09 22)
Born: 17.07.2007 and now retiered :)

Health certificates:
GSD4 normal by parenthood
HCM normal on 10-11-09 By Dr. Kresken
at the age of 2 years and 4 months
HCM normal, PKD and CIN negative on 02.03.2012
at the age of 4 years and 7 months
Blood type N/N
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) free
Of course several times FIV and FELV negative
Here three examples:
.... ..

His immune system is extra ordinairy good! Also his teeth and gums are totally healthy.
A fact that is very important to us, as it is not to be taken for granted these days!
He even is FIP resistant!

Show results:
25-11-07 EX1
28-01-08 EX1 + NOM
24-03-08 EX2 FIFE show
25-09-11 CAC
29-01-12 CAC
26-02-12 Champion
24-11-13 CACIB + BIV + NOM + BIS + BOB! (NFO special)
26-01-2014 CACIB + BIV + Special Prcie + NOM
13-04-2014 CACIB + BIV + NOM + BIS
25-01-2015 At the world show in Houten NL = International Champion + NOM
01-03-2015 At the NFO special in Eindhoven NL = CAGCI + NOM
19-04-2015 CAGCI + BIV
17-05-15 DE Goch:
Grand International Champion! + special price + NOM
27-09-15 NL Nijmegen CACE + BIV + NOM + BIS
22-11-15 BE- Beveren CACE
24-01-16 At the world show in Houten NL CACE + BIV
11-09-16 DE Kalkar: European Champion!

His parents :

Mother: Fenja Felizia av Tyssedal
Father: IC DK*Lindskjalv's Hermod
(n 03 22)

Here more of his ancestors


Our big friend, as Amicus is the latin word for friend ;o)

Because of the frightening development, considering the health and extreme line breeding these days in the NFO scene,
we started to panic a bit. To continue breeding our way, we are forced to keep our familiar lines for our breeding and get some fresh (old) blood. So we don´t run out of breeding cats in a few years.
Some of our breeding queens are getting of age soon...
And i simply refuse to breed with extreme line breed (in my eyes inbreed) cats, or with cats who´s health is in question!

So we also needed a new male... We searched a very long time...
A big thanks to everyone who helped me on this
and to stand all my "no, that´s nothing" or "to much line breeding"...
From Kerstin i got THE link in the end :o)))))))

Amicus´ looks exactly the way i imagine a Norwegian Forestcat has to!
And so do his ancestors! Some of his ancestors fascinated me for years already.
At the bottom of this page i introduce some of them, so you can see what i mean.

We visited Amicus a few times and every time we were fascinated by the whole litter!
Not only are they looking great - also they are very friendly and cuddly
And our little friend is just a dream come true...
His irresistible charm and so relaxed and proud.
He´s also very intelligent and he knows exactly which people belong to him ;o)
A very special little fellow!
When i got new pictures of him, the shivers ran down my spine...
This look in his eyes... The eyes are the mirror to the soul...
His whole appearance is simply NFO!!! ;o)
Even though he is still a baby, you can already see that!

Meanwhile he grew up to be a very impressive boy, showing all typical NFO features very clearly!
His expression is perfectly NFO!
His whole appearance is simply a dream come true...
THAT is NFO ;o)
He doesn´t like strangers so much, but i have a veeeery close connection with him... He´s just MY baby ;o))) I can do everything with him and we can have whole conversations ;o) Also he´s extremely social with all my other cats! They like him a lot and he gets spoiled by them all every day ;o)

Thank you soooo much Ina, for trusting your little friend to us!!!!!!!!!!

New born
The minute i saw this picture i knew: It´s HIM! And no one else ;o)

And with 9 months he already looked like this. THAT's Norwegian Forestcat!

Almost 13 years old

Almost 9 years old

6,5 years
Starting to feel home on stage



Such lovely looks are only safed for Guus and me
He is such a true and loyal friend!




6 years
6,7kg, but looking just as tall and large as Bubbas, who's weight is 7,8kg!
Size is not only weight related! Amicus is extremely impressive!
That's what all judges thought of him too at the NFO special in Wassenaar, where he won:
Best In Variety, Best In Show and Best Of Best!!!


2 days before the show

With our sweet baby girl Shenandoah <3

With Tyra
i just love his loving look, he shows only Guus and me

4,5 years
5,8kg - fertile

2 years & 5 months


With Redbad

2 years & 3 months
A big THANKS to Desiree for these pictures!!!

1 year & 8 months

1 year & 7 months


...what i am doing with little Dooley

he belongs in the kittenbox ;o)

1 year & 6 months


Almost 9 months
He still likes to help me taking the pictures
Amicus & Ronja

Aint that just soooo supercute???????

Finally i got him on the picture the way he really looks...

...usually he only had nonsens on his mind or simply looked stupid,
because he didn´t want to get on the picture ;o)

And this look he really spares JUST for me :o)))))))))

8 months
weight: 4,950kg
from now on he wont fit on my scale anymore ;o)
A big thanks to Sjanie for these nice pictures!!!

7 months
A big thanks to Elisabeth for these 2 nice pictures!!!

6 months

Thank you so much Desiree for these nice pictures!!!

5 months & 3 weeks

With Snoesje

5,5 months
Weight: 4kg

His evil-look ;o)

19 weeks
weight: 2890gr

Helping to take the kitten pictures
Bill & Amicus

18 weeks
Smile ;o)

17 weeks


Almost 16 weeks
Weight: 2380gr
And he is absolutely not fat - so he´s very big!

Almost 15 weeks
Weight: 2130gr
The first evening with us!
He´s already very brave ;o)

Snoesje is trying to save him from up there ;o)
"Faaar to dangerous!" ;o)
They are big buddys already!

Next evening
Totaly relaxed under the computer chair

One evening later
He just loves balls
So this pinball game is just great ;o)
He has some tough nerves ;o)

12 weeks

Isn´t he just a dream?!

11 weeks

Simply WOW!

9 weeks

8 weeks

"Look into my eyes, babe" ;o)

6 weeks

3,5 weeks
Already NFO expression...

Those people who know me, know how much i like eyes.
And who could resist these wonderful eyes?!

New born
The minute i saw this picture i knew: It´s HIM! And no one else ;o)

Great profile, even though it doesn´t matter to me ;o)