EST 1993......

Here some of his ancestors:
His Great-Great-Great Grandfather Eur.Ch. NL*Bergansius Magusan,
fascinated me already for maaaany years...
Here at the age of almost 11 years
A big and strong guy with the "real" Wild look...

Meanwhile he is 13 years old and here you can see more pictures of him: von Tim Est

And here his Grandpa - Int.Ch. F*Vivaldi de Stang ar Voud
He is also a longtime NFO Idol for me...

This expression is just MARVALLOUS and he knows he´s beautiful ;o)

His Grandma - D*Maxime von Tim Est.
I saw her for the first time in pictures, when she was a baby and i was stunned...
She is a big and strong built lady, with the real NFO appearance

I could see for myself that she is a very friendly and social girl!
She cares very sweet for all the kittens who are born in her cattery.
It´s very important to us that the ancestors of our cats are very social,
in order to keep the harmony in our very big cat group.
Maxi passed this on to her daughter Fenja very nicely!
You can find Maxi & Vivaldi here: av Tyssedal

Which brings us to Amicus´ mother - D*Fenja Felicia av Tyssedal

She is just soooooo sweet! Every time we visited her, she welcomed us very friendly,
stole the cat toys out of my hands to study if it´s worthy of her children,
to call them and play with them ;o)
She is also very social, funny and she likes to talk a lot!
Here you can find out more about her: Mild One - where our Amicus was born ;o)

Last - but not least! His daddy - Ch.DK*Lindskjalv`s Hermod

The pictures need no words...
and when i tell you that his owner gets goose bumps when she thinks of him...
that´s all i have to say about that ;o))))))
Here you can see more of him: vom Strukhof