EST 1993......


Int.Ch.S* Istindra's Lord Archtos
black & white (n 09)
Born: 15-03-2003

Pancreas cancer which had spread to his brain became fatal to him.
There are no words to describe how much we miss him.
Also his offspring misses him desperately :(

I was surfing some Swedish websites when i saw him.... it hit me like a lightning...
love at first sight.... those eyes and that look....
He immediately felt at home and we couldn't possibly imagine our life without his
"Sean Connery Charm" and if you look at the pictures below, you'll see that he definitely knows it! His look has the licence to kill ;o)

He did great during that long trip to the Netherlands - first 5 ours in the train,
where we had knäckebröd for breakfast together ;o) than 2 ours by plane, after that we where fetched at the airport by relatives to sit in the car for another 1,5 our!
This big boy didn't loose his temper at all during this trip!

His breeders called him: "stor Bubbas" (spek: stoor Bübbas)
it meens something like sweet, big teddybeer. You can't translate it litteraly, but it's something like Balou the bear from the Jungle Book.
We of course, call him Bubbas aswell ;o)

He's very big, has a perfect triangular headshape, a straight nose, good chin and his ears are big and have nice big tufts upon.
His coat is ebony-shiny-black, of great structure and with a funny partition of white.
His strong, long body stands on high legs and his tail is long.
What else could you want? - He's sooooo cute and lovely as well!!!

Unfortunatly our beautiful, giant Bubbas is neutered now, he not only mated with the females in secret, but he also started to spray and behave more Macho-like... ;,o(
Now he's just my old Sean Connery again and he still takes good care of his children. And in the future I'm convinced that he will take care of his grandchildren with the same surrender.
And how he does that! His son (Arthur Weasley) became father and is not allowed to look at his children! Bubbas chases him away!

Meanwhile he is a veteran and like i predicted looking after all his offspring reag-great-grandchildren!

Tack så mycket Nettan!!!!!!
For this wonderfull, proud and lovely fellow!!!!!


14 years old and still so strong and healthy! <3

August 2016
13 years old with his great-grand daugther Tyra

June 2016
With his son Memphis


March 2016

12 years old with his grand, grand, grand daughter Forstyrre <3

January 2015


With his grand-grand daughter Jule

9 years


29-01-12 at the cat show in Utrecht
almost 9 years old, but he still loves to show himself! "Noblesse Oblige"
His weight at that oment is 7,9kg!

02-02-2011 with his son Memphis


November 2010
With Memphis...

Januar 2010
Memphis and Bubbas...

September 2007
with his son - Memphis they still love each other sooo much!!!

Following pictures were made by Anke (cattery av Tyssedal).
Thank you so much for all the nice pictures!!!

August 2007 - 4 years and 5 months

Fast 3 Jahre


A big thanks to Richard for these two nice pictures!

Almost 2 years

1 year and 9 months

13 months

11 months

With little Emil-
he loves babies very much and helpes raising them very devoted!

My Sean Connery....

With Tinkerbell

9,5 months - our giantbaby!


7 months, past the 5 kilo mark (the scale only shows untill 5kg)

6,5 months - 4,8kg

With Lille Mirakel & Tinkerbell

5 months
5 Monate

Almost 5 months
Fast Monate

Fast 5 Monate