EST 1993......


Ch.S*Istindra's Raven
black tortie tabby spotted & white (f 09 24)
GSD4 normal


She is the daughter of Tyttebær fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin, so the grandchild of our Silas and Candy, which also makes her the greatgrandchild of our Smykke and Dooley ;o)
Right from the start i just loved the whole litter - of course as a proud grandma from Holland ;o)
Raven is called "Lilla Bumsan" and we wil keep it that way.
It means something like: sweet little baby girl ;o)
She is just a copy of her grandpa Silas and also inherrited his nice, sweet and gentle temper!
Every cat here just loves him desperately, so we already knew that when Raven wil come here, all our cats will just love her the same way and she wil fit just perfect into our cat group. And so it really turned out to be! Everyone here likes her very much! Her pedigree is also very interesting for us, because next to the ancestors we know so well personally on mothers side: Silas, Candy, Smykke, Dooley and of course the very rough looking Tequila, who visited us for some time to mate with our Smykke - she also has a great father, who has lots of celebrity cats in his pedigree!
He is a very sweet and good looking fellow!

In type she's very good to compare with our Silas - she also has little tufts on her ears, a nice headshape and she is very big for her age.
We'll see how she will develope in the future. The judges on the catshows are always totally crazy about her super coatstructure!
She got that from our Dooley and we are happy that we can keep this for our breeding!
She has a wonderfull expression and she can really talk with her eyes and mime!
That, she got from her father - he also can talk to you just by looking at his face!
So next to her wonderfull "Silas-Temper" she also has lots of her father, who is also a very sweet guy!
You can't imagine how lovely that mixture of nice tempered cats make her!
She's the sweetest thing in the whole wide world...

My sweet girl often had infections. But she always got out of it stronger!
Only not this time...
We had to put her to sleep when she was almost 5 years young.
Maybe she would have fought like she always did, if i would not have been so ill myself...
It hurts soooo much....

13 weeks

16 weeks

5 months - oh those eyes...

She also takes care of the other kittens!

7,5 months

Exactly 9 months

With her grandpa Silas



A big thanks to Richard for these 4 nice pictures!

11 months


1 year and 3 months - Septembercoat

1 year and 4 months

Following pictures were made by Anke (cattery av Tyssedal).
Thank you so much for all the nice pictures!!!

2 years and 2 months
Sommercoat and her kittens are 5 months old - still she looks great!!


She is the sweetest thing in the whole wide world!!!!!!!

Almost 3 years
In the sun of May

3 years
in the middle of August - nice coat!!!

4 years
in the middle of September

With Tossa

in the middle of October

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