EST 1993......

Ch.Int. Rough Diamond´s Fee
red- silver tabby mc (ds 23)


She really is a "rough diamond" :)
Feline, as we call her, could be one of the old fellows of the Muppet show. She seams to be cranky especially when there are kittens around. But when you get to know her better, it appears that she is a lovely, ladylike madame.
When she needs attention, she does everything to get it.
Eaven sitting next to a Kitten! And when she`s in the mood to cuddle, she does`nt know to stop :) Althouh she likes to be an old, lazy lady, sometimes it seams
as if she`s going crazy, running around in the livingroom
trying to catch something, that`s not there :)
She`s a big, strong adorable girl of the old, original type.

My always cranky, but oh so funny and sweet old Lady...
For almost 17 years she was with us...
She grew up with Romina and Jenny-Lee, in good times and bad she was with us.
Our kittens learnd from her that not everyone is just as nice.
But to us she was the sweetest thing - stuck to us like glue.
Nobody here wil ever forget her....
She lives on in her few offsprings and for ever in our hearts!

Thank you Desiree for this nice memory picture
I could never had done it

Like we had to say before:
Diamonds are forever....

1,5 years


13 years with Xaphiera

This is a VERY! special picture!!!
Feline with Snoesje & Pomona & Charlie
Feline is 14 years old and all her life she HATED kittens!!!
Does the wisdom come with the age???
Old and wise ;o) My dear old Feline girl ;o)

Or is it because she misses our Dooley so much?
Here she´s lying together with Dooley´s daughter Pippi, on the blanket where Dooley fell asleep in peace...
Feline was a very solitary cat all her live, but Dooley was her friend.
Now he´s gone she spends a lot of time with his daughter Pippi...
These pictures make me a bit sad but still they are very special!
And they show how big the family ties of the norwegian forestcats are!

A big thanks to Sjanie for this nice picture!!!
Feline & Smykke