EST 1993......


Torv Hede's Tarkin
Alias: Icarus
black smoke & white (ns 03)
Born 10.04.2011

GSD4 free
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) carrier

His parents:

Trolla fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
(ns 09)
Ch. Mezoezah's Arkan
(n 09)

Complete inbreeding COI only 1,58% and Polaris 9,16%

Pedigree on Pawpeds

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25-09-11 EX2 3-6 months
29-01-12 EX2 6-10 months
26-02-12 CAC

The Suprelorin Implant works 18 months on our Amicus and if he gets fertile he sprays a lot. We don't want to separate him too long - his character is much to sensitive to do so. So we needed another male as an inforcement to Amicus. Icarus is our grandchild and with him i get Xaphiera's healthy and funny clown temperament back into our breed. His father doesn't spray and is very sweet and affectionate in temper. Icarus' pedigree is wonderful - only 1,58% total inbreeding!

Icarus was feeling home at once! Usually Memphis gets into dramatic stress if we get a new cat, he even gets a clownish red nose for a week! But he liked this little fellow immediately! Maybe he knows it's family? Smykke adopted him at once and when someone grouwlt at him, he didn't mind and carried on with what he was doing :o))) He loves to cuddle with our baby-Ella - preferably at the same time with me. So i have two babies on my lap :o))) He uses the litterbox with a lot of noise, just like his grandma Xaphiera. He is already begging for food all the time like Smykke. Jenny-Lee is responsible for that, because she totally fell in live with him. And we follow in her step... He stole our hearts with his enchanting and self confident character. Wonderful fellow - we are just sooo delighted!

This delight is only growing with every day. He is our sweet cuddle baby, runs after us all day long and if he "cought" us, he starts his Harley engine and suckles on our cloths! If we call him, he comes running at once and he is the first to greet us if we had gone out. Than he's telling us stories hahaha we laugh a lot about him! What a wonderful temperment! He is even more affectionate as Arthur Weasley and THAT is saying something!!!! We love him so much!!!

To let him grow mature, we gave him Suprelorin on 5.06.2012. I guess it wil worka until ca August 2013.
Though he doesn't spray, the hormones are not leaving him alone...

A BIG thanks to Reina for making this possible!!!!!!!!!!

9,5 months

at the catshow in the arms of his "Mommy" Reina

6,5 months
he is just a dreamboy...

6 months
the coat is developing - he gets more beautyful every day

With Arthur Weasley

Almost 6 months

He really likes the kids

5,5 months

So sweet, taking care of the babies

Snoesje in the back has adopted Tyra and Icarus ;o)

His Charakter is indiscribable sooo very sweet, cuddly and confident!

15 weeks

And of course he's also very beautiful...

Our sweet and funny clown

Totaly relaxed - for the first time in our garden

Shaking hands with little Kiran and Amicus is keeping watch

He already has lots of nonsen on his mind

Amicus always likes kittens very much and he's watching little Icarus closely

One has to - because he's always up to mischief...

"Have you been washing your feet today?"

"Let me see..."

Memphis finds him very interesting

And Smykke adopted him at once - the first day at our home!

Sooooo sweet!!!

13 weeks