EST 1993......

Cio Cio San's Jack the Red
red & white (d 03)
Born on 05.06.2013

GSD4 free
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) normal

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Kitten en veteran afternoon
Second best (out of 3) male 6-10 months!

His parents:

Mother: Cio Cio San's Lucia Carrah
(fs 09)
Father: Cio Cio San's Eusi Ngombe
(ns 01)

Pedigree on pawpeds

Next to a pedigree that is stuffed with old lines from different countries,
he also is especially well typed! It would have been a shame for him not to end up in breeding...
We thought so, too... He fits in to our breeding programme very well...
But there was only a lot of interest for him from breeders, but no one actually bought him...
So he ended up with us ;-)

Jack is a dream in type! With tufts on his ears, a strong chin and everything!!!!
Considering his size (5kg at 7 months) and the length of his head, which has enough space for a big male head,
it's promising for him to keep a very good type even when fully mature!
Balou the bear is his IDOL... So sweet, relaxed and laid back..
At the age of 7 months he came in here without any fear or anger!!
First thing he did was searching for the food bowls LOL
The girls were allowed to sniff him for identification and he showed respect towards the boys...
This picture was taken by Robert after prox one hour of arrival:
With Ella on the dog sofa <3

The first night he spend lying next to me. He only left for short snack breaks haha.
Food is his favorit hobby hahaha
He is so sweet and softy in temper <3 <3 <3

His credo is: (like Balou the bear)
Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature's recipes
That brings the bare necessities of life

Thank you so much Robert for this supertomcat!!!! (like he was called before, for good reason)

17,5 months...

17 months

15 months
cuddle, cuddle, cuddle..

14 months

10 months

His loyal and dedicated look makes my heart jump... <3


Almost 10 months

9,5 months
Cuddling with my grandson, Silas <3
Jack is just so lovely towards anyone and everything!!!

But he also loves to cuddle with me <3
He's my big cuddlebear ;-)

9 months
My sweet, loving teddy bear <3

Almost 9 months
In between it all... what an expression!!! <3

8 months
One day after Arthur Weasley's death, Jack is comforting Bubbas, who lost his son...
So very touching...

Beau's feet must be real smelly... :P




My sweet couchpotatoe ;-)


He is soooo beautiful!!!

immediately he was friends with everyone!
Heer with little Autumn and Shenandoah

And here with Dolly and Shenendoah

He already has FUN!!

After the first night in the new surroundings, he still remembered where the food is...

Lilly is very interested - with doesn't disturb his breakfast LOL




With Ella... when he was here for aprox. 1 hour...



7 months

And those eyes....

Super profile!

6 months

The first 2 weeks

With his wonderful mommy... Look at them TUFTS!!!! <3