Ch. Monja van Ubasti
blue/ white (a 09)

Our lovely devil! As wild as she can be,as lovely is her temper!
She is a big beautifull Queen, very strong and a little bit
restless. But when she goes with me to the toilett,
wich she always does she can`t stop cuddling and purring.
So sometimes a bathroom session takes longer than necessary:)
I must`nt dare to go to without her!-
Than she starts screaming in front of the bathroom door.

As i sayed, she is a big cat on high legs with a long body.
Her nose profile is excellent and she has a good chin, too.
Big ears, good triangle headshape and her good coatquality
for a blue one & the fact that she loves kittens,
make her a very good breeding queen, but her restlessness and dominant behaviour made us decide to neuter her.
She's still a boss around here, but much more happy and tolerant than she was before - restless she will always stay i guess ;o)

She is very robust!!! She was never ill in all these years, so we think she will bring us joy for many years to come ;o)

Thank you Mary Rose for this "Wild thing" ;o)

2 years

3,5 years


Almost 6 years with Smykke

7,5 years

Following pictures were made by Anke (cattery av Tyssedal).
Thank you so much for all the nice pictures!!!

August 2007 - 8 years

Almost 9 years
A big thanks to Sjanie for these nice pictures!!!

11 years
Because i got a terrible disease, i'm not able to take the same care of so many cats anymore. So with terrible heartache i decided that they deserve better and find a better home for some of my cats.
Now Loona lives together with Bam Bam & Hoppetossa fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin.
The first day in her new home! I'm so glad she's so happy already!!!

December 2010
together with mit Bam Bam and Tossa

Stil so much nonsens on her mind :o))))