EST 1993......


Int.Ch.Love on Leggs Gaya
Alias: Maya
black tortie (f)
Born 15.03.2011

Health certificates:
GSD4 free
PKdef carrier
Both parents have been scanned HCM, PKD, CIN negatieve at the age of 4 and 3 years.
Therefore Maya is PKD, CIN free.
In age appropriade she will be scanned for HCM, too.
And of course FIV and FELV negative

Her immune system is extra ordinairy good! Also her teeth and gums are totally healthy.
A fact that is very important to us, as it is not to be taken for granted these days!

Her parents:

Feline fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
Ønskelandkatte Drømme Storm

complete inbreeding just 2,45% and Polaris just 9,01%

Pedigree on Pawpeds

Show Results:

Worldshow Houten NL
Nijmegen NL
Gorinchem NL
Wassenaar NFO special
Worldshow Houten
Nijmegen NL
International Champion!

Last summer Maya was here to visit our Amicus. Because she acted like she was born here, we were very sorry that she had to leave us. So social and curious towards our other cats. Some of them even went to sleep next to her! So we were sad that she had to leave again. Because she and her sister are acting like tornado's in their home and all other (Feline) family members got pretty annoyed, we decided to take her to us. Our cats are used to such Tornado's , because of Snoesje (her grandma) and all the other Bubbas-family cats. So we knew it would work out fine. And simsalabim the peace in Maya's birthplace has returned!

Maya was immediately best friends with our BIG dog Beau.It is not the same to get in such a big cat group without being in the heat. But she did soooo well!!! The only one she really had trouble with was Jannik, just because he was such a puberty brat in that period. He was annoying to all the females here, but knowing him ever since he was a baby, made them able to deal with it - no problem. But Maya didn't know him and so she could not be in the same room with him. Fortunately she got in the heat after a short while and that changed the whole situation! They were totally in love.... So sweet! He wouldn't leave her side and even protect her from cats that couldn't cope with her extremely speed- rolling over the floor.. So I lett them be. Jannik seamed not able to mate properly, yet. And even IF he managed - those would be babies of love and having a litter would bring Maya up in the rang of the pack. Afterwards she can have a long Suprelorin rest. The other males are no problem what so ever for Maya, just like her family females Snoesje, Dolly, Tronja, Prima en co. Only Nikita, Tyra and Pandora had to get use to her a while.

She is not only acting like Snoesje, she also looks a lot like her. Her expression is GREAT! She has amazing ears with nice lynx tufts upon. Her chin is o.k. And her nose is absolutely straight. Her tail is a very nice feather, just like is has to be. She is very young still so we are curious about her further developement.

Meanwhile she has become a very proud lady and mother to some fantastic kids!!

Thank you so much Rien, Margreet and Kids for entrusting your sweet girl to us!!!!!

Just turned 5 years

4,5 years

4 years summercoat in June

3,5 Years

End of April 2014
just turned 3 years




Beginning of february 2014
These great pictures are taken by Robert ten Harmsen, THANKS! :D

End of December 2013

With Jannik

End of October 2013
With Tom Dooley

With Dolly

End of July 2013
Pictures Henna Raudaskoski from Finland - Thank you so much for these beautyful pics Henna!


1 year and 9 months


Snoesje (right) is keeping an eye on her all the time...

Dolly (Snoesje's very sweet tempered daughter) is immedeately her friend

Snoesje and Maya... getting to know each other...

"Hey! That one is just as crazy as i am?!"


I think they are already a good team...

lovely girl

1,5 years

Maya with her sister Gina


On the left Gina and Maya on the right

Maya Baby

AAAAH Soooo sweet!!!