EST 1993......

D*Wicki (Nicky) av Tjoensberg
red silver ticked tabby/white (ds 09 25)
Born on 20.07.2013

DNA test results:
GSD4 normal
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKdef): normal
Amber: EE (no amber carrier)
Bloodtype: N/N

HCM, PKD CIN free testet at the age of 1 year and 2 months

Gone too soon...
He didn't even reach the age of 2 years :(
We will never forget him, he lives on in our hearts. He was such a lovely boy!
As a compensation for his lost and all the costs we had while trying to safe him,
we got a new kitten (Zenia av Tjoensberg) from his breeder.

His parents :

Mother: D*Atyria's Fleur
(fs 09)
father: D*Rasmus von der Hahnenwiese

Compleet inbreeding COI just 2,90% and Polaris just 9,13%

Pedigree on Pawpeds

Well.. a red female... What can i say,
she also has such a sweet brother...
Who purrt himself into my heart while i was taking pictures of them all...
And so we decided to take him with us also :-)

He has XXL-tufts on his ears and a veeeery looong body on hiiigh legs with the fitting looong tail...
And what a wonderful colour!!!! A very clear high silver.

Nicky is a very kind and loving boy.
And he always loves to play and cuddle!
We are so happy to have him with us!!!

Almost 17 months



Almost 10 months old
These pictures are taken by Diana Kerseboom- thanks!!!

Just turned 9 months
My lovely, cuddly pink panther...

"Is it a bird?"

He loves to be carried around. And sometimes he gets in such xtc by cuddling
that he looses some drops water out of his mouth LOL

"Pictures agaaain???"

With his sister Wilma and Autumn

With Wilma

Just turned 8 months
following me around like a dog - we love him to bits!!!

7 months, outside on the scraper

With his sister Wilma

Shenan also joins in!

7 months in the first two days with us





With his sister Wilma

7 months, still at his parents home, with his sister Wilma