Breeze fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
Alias: Nikita
blue-silver tortie tabby mc/white (gs 09 23)
Born: 11.04.2008
PKD & GSD4 free

We decided to neuter her mother Vicky, because she doesn't like to live in a large cat group. So we wanted to keep a girl from her last litter, to preserve the very good qualities of Vicky for our breeding. Vicky is very healthy, of good type and strong built. Also she gives birth to her kittens very easily and raises them very nice. Vicky is also very friendly and cuddly. So we had to decide purely for temper, which one of the little girls should stay. It had to be a real group type girl. When she was one week old, we already knew that she was the one to stay here! I think she decided for herself, because she acted like knowing to stay here from the beginning ;o) And from the moment we changed her name into Nikita (after her great-grandma), she reacted on that name! She comes running immediately when you call her and loves to cuddle! Also she is extremely clever and has lots of clownish nonsense on her mind ;o) As cool as her grandma Prima, when confronted with strange situations and surroundings.
We are very curious about her further development!

New born

1 week

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks

8 weeks

9 weeks

10 weeks

11 weeks

12 weeks

13 weeks

15 weeks

with her brother Tornado

16 weeks

helping me to take pictures...
Sygin & Nikita

Adrian Kurr & Nikita

Trolla & Nikita

Trulte & Nikita

I wonder what she´s whispering to her ;o)

20 weeks
weight: 2560gr

again helping me...
Sygin & Nikita

23 weeks
A BIG thanks to Diana & Tom for these nice pictures!!!

24 weeks

25 weeks
helping again with the photo session ;o)

6,5 months

8 months
with Redbad & Tindra

Her favorite spot ;o))))

13-12-08 third best female 6-10 months
at the kitten & veteran afternoon
And on the left her sister Gale, who became best female!!!

9 months

10 months
with Tossa´s Babies

and Redbad

11 months
again with Redbad

1,5 years
Bubbas in the back

More and more often Nikita stole kittens from their real moms, even though she had no kittens of her own.
That would not have been such a big deal, but she didn't allow the real moms near their own kids anymore and they got into fights more and more often!
No matter who the mother was and no matter if she had been neutered already... More and more cats came to help each other...
Just like her mother Vicky she's just no cat for a big group of cats (especially females) males are no problem for her.
On the 13th of April 2013 she moved to a new home, where only one male lived.
He is a grandchild of Bubbas and Domino and he is not he only one in the house who spoiles her like a real diva ;-)

Here the first pictures of her in her new home

A first look, checking the outside

Nikita & Finn like each other very quickly!
Finn just had to tell her that he is the boss first ;-)

Finn is sshowing her around in the garden

September 2013 with her very best friend Finn

And she likes to climb up high still...

We still miss her very much - she is sooo sweet and cuddly towards all humans!
We will never take a cat again that might not like to live a big group.
It's sooo sad that we couldn't keep her! She was born here...


Complete inbreeding COI only 2,74% and Polaris only 8,98%

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