Pippi fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
black tortie tabby classic (f 22)

She`s a very loveley, extreemly solcial, little clown. And still Daddy`s girl.
When Dooley is lying on the couch, she always keeps him company.
She won`t harm a fly, you could say. Telling story`s is one of her favorite buysnisses.
When she`s in our garden, sometimes she calles me, to play with her.
Than she runs away and i must try to catch her. Impossible, cause she`s very quick-
maybe that`s why she likes it so much :)

Her headshape is really of the old, type NFO, her nose is short and the furr on her forehead makes it look not straight, just like her father`s nose.
Although her nose, we decided her to stay, because of her many other qualitys, which she got from her father:
She has a marvalous coatstrukture, which we find, is very important!
A lot of coat, little lynx tips on her ears and long hair, that come out of her ear.
Last, but not least: her special temper, wich she also got from our Dooley.
Her kitten´s are wonderfull!
They proved that many times on the cat shows.
Meanwhile she is neutered and we kept her daughter Tossa...

With little Hägar ;o)



9 years
A big thanks to Sjanie for these nice pictures!!!

In the son of May

10 years
Because i got a terrible disease, i'm not able to take the same care of so many cats anymore. So with terrible heartache i decided that they deserve better and find a better home for some of my cats.

September 2010
She is sooo happy at her new home!

She has a very nice new friend!
Kimmi is a wonderful gentle teddybear!
His sweet temper reminds me of Pippi's daddy Dooley!
So he is very special and maby that's why Pippi feels so comfortable with him...

November 2010
And she got another new friend!
F1 Schumi fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin!