EST 1993......


Ch.Satyrus Mimingus Fayth
Alias: Prima
black tortie tabby mc (f 23)
Born: 16-11-2001

This is a dutch songtext (Marco Borsato - Zij),
i translated it for you, because it describes exactly how i feel about MY Prima girl...

the look in her eyes changes the colour of my day
its unbelievable
so black when shes angry
but shining pure white if she laughs

the sun keeps surrounding her dieply in love
and the moon never leaves her side
a word from her lips can makes miracles happen
sometimes sounding like thunder
and than again like a sunny season

but how ever hard its freezing shes warm in a second
as long as shes with me i wil never get bored
because she

she is the sun and the moon to me
she has the best of them both
so mysterieusly
and also so warm
and she does something with me
she is free
free to go, but she stays with me

she is the eb and the flow to me
she is irresistable
she tells me exactly what she thinks
woman and child in one
shes wind and windsilence
and she
she belongs to me
and she opens a world for me

she is the sun on my skin and the rain
the wind in my back and the wind against my direction
shes in everything for me
she makes me happy
she holds me tight and makes me free
she is there always
she makes me a part of her big whole
she is my better half

We call her "Prima"
Because her fathers name is "Primus" and because she´s such a funny, naughty girlie.
So everytime she does something forbidden, we call out: PRIMA!
Which normally meens fine- go on :o) So her name has some funny options.
As naughty as she is - as lovely she can be! Kissing all the time.
She's just my soulmate!
You can compare her temper, with Hermione Granger's Temper -
Who's the pretty witch from Harry Potter, who always knows everything better ;o)
She is very good typed:
Excellent headshape with a nice NFO- expression, a very good chin, straight profile,
well placed, big ears with little tufts and a long body on high legs with a long tail.
She also has the for us soooo very important, typical NFO coat structure!
And carries the genes for non agoutie and dilution.

She gave us many wonderful offsprings, so she really earned her retiry.
And of course we kept some of her bloodline for our breeding:
Arthur Weasley was her son, Nikita her Grandchild and Snoesje, Tyra, Jannik, Solo, Maya and Hailey are even her great-grandchildren ;o)

12 years old and still the queen of the house!!!
This pictre is taken by Henna Raudaskoski

August 2013

This picture was taken by Karin Geerdink

These pictures are taken by Reina van der Heide

June 2013



Also these pictures are taken by Reina
June 2012

These pictures are taken by Desiree
BIG thanks!!!

June 2011
9,5 years

Prima is guarding our baby Ella!

Even if Ella is crying, she never leaves her side!

Makes you tired ;o)

"Finaly she's quiet"

May 2011

These pictures are taken by Desiree
Thank you sooo much!!!

6 years & 2 months
Her favorite spot ;o)))))
MY Prima...
or am i from her???? ;oP

3 generations:
Grandma Prima with her son Arthur Weasley & his daughter Nikita...

Not especially a good quality picture,
but it showes the nice family ties of the norwegian forestcat

5 years old
It´s impossible to describe her temper, but here are some pictures to get an impression ;o)
Her favorite spot:

And cuddling...

Sooo proud!

And her majesty always gets you to bow for her ;o)
Hahaha look at her face...

Oh how i love her eyes...

A few profile pictures

4 years old
Because she always nurses all our kittens, her wintercoat is not so nice as usuall this year.
Just now she raised 11 Kitten!!! (from Tossa, Xaphiera and Domino) Memphis still sees her as her mommy...
My very special Prima Girl and soulmate.... The best cat in the house....

2,5 years old

1,5 years old - Prima mommy ;o)

10 months


Unsere kleine Hexe ;o)
Our little witch ;o)

6 months

14 weeks
She still does that and passes it on to maaany of her offsprings for generations to come!!!

5 weeks with her mom Fairytaile fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin