Torv Hede´s RedBad
red (d)

Because of the frightening development, considering the health and extreme line breeding these days in the NFO scene,
we started to panic a bit. To continue breeding our way, we are forced to keep our familiar lines for our breeding and get some fresh (old) blood. So we don´t run out of breeding cats in a few years.
Some of our breeding queens are getting of age soon...
And i simply refuse to breed with extreme line breed (in my eyes inbreed) cats, or with cats who´s health is in question!

Redbad is therefore very special to us!
His ancestors are/were all very old and healthy.

His father:
Surpreme Champion
N*Alinde´s Brutus at the age of 3 years

and exactly like this he still looked when i meat him for the first time at the age of 9 years!

I meat Redbad´s mother as a strongbuilt lactading female at the age of 8 years, in top condition!

Her father became 16 years old and was the son of N*Torvmyra´s Onedin,
the first NFO breeding male imported by Reina in 1983!
Her mother is almost 15 and stil looks after her grandchildren during the photo sessions ;o)
She can also purr veeery hard!!!!
Such facts tell me more than any HCM, PKD or other tests...

I have a fable for eyes and Redbad has a very nice look.
In his eyes i see a lot of character and even though he came here only a few days ago, i can already see that i was right about that.
Both his brothers are very affectionate to anybody, while Redbad first waits to see if the persons are worth it.
But with his "own" people he can cuddle very sweet.
I like that a lot because you get a real close connection with such personalities!
He looks like a little lion cub, is very big and has special charms.
After our cats welcomed him a bit too friendly, he recovered very quickly from the first "shock".
Really mean to him was only one: he himself! Hahaha he saw his own reflection in the mirror for the first time LOL
Meanwhile he´s busy checking the new surroundings and if he gets lost he calls for us.
Than we come and he greets us happily but quickly goes on with his own business again, because there´s sooo much to do ;o)
He already plays with our kittens and Domino likes him a lot.
She calls for him and is happy to have another baby to look after ;o)
Arthur Weasley also likes him a lot, must be the colour ;o)

Almost 1 week here and he´s simply COOL!
Very self confident and exactly knowing what he wants!
He comes to get me to the kitchen if he´s hungry.
Weighting 2045gr already, he´s eating very good.
Already he found some favourite spots.
And he likes to challenge me for playing ;o)
But as hard as he can rumble with me, he also like a good cuddle very much.
Although he doesn´t like to admit that in front of visitors ;oP
Just like it has to be with a real tough guy ;o)

Meanwhile he is really settled here and now he also has some time to cuddle with me ;o)
When he invites me for playing he always starts his loud purring engine!
He moves with the grace of a tiger!
If he jumps, you really see the jump of a tiger!
Very impressive...

He's a very good father to his children, doesn't mark his territory, yet. Thank god! And he is sooo sweet to all the other cats! A very tolerant fertile male! Because he's so relaxed and calm he has a nice weight. A bit more than 6 kilo. Although he has already mated a lot.
So he's very easy to keep in the house as a fertile male!

Because i got a terrible disease, i'm not able to take the same care of so many cats anymore. So with terrible heartache i decided that they deserve better and find a better home for some of my cats. Because his pedigree is so valuable for the NFO breeding we dicided to give him back to his breeder.

1 year 8 months

With Amicus

11 months

With Nikita

With Pippi & Bubbas

10 months
getting curious about the kittens...
Nikita & Redbad with the kittens

9 months

8 months
at the kitten & veteran afternoon, where he became best kitten 6-10 months!

with his half sister Tindra

Nikita & Redbad & Tindra

7 months
A BIG thanks to Reina for these nice pictures!!!



with Tindra, Trolla & Amicus

with Trolla

6,5 months

Almost 6 months
With little Tjelda

And with Trolla

5,5 months
Weight: 3560g
A BIG thanks to Diana & Tom for these nice pictures!!!

Almost 5 months

exactly 20 weeks

Like e real tiger, he likes to sleep in the tree top!


16 weeks

13 weeks
"Oh! There´s a butterfly!!!"

"Come to daddy..."

"I´m not going to harm you ;oP "

"Shit!!! It´s gone!!!"

"GRMPH! I think it didn´t believe me"


Wild thing ;o)

And there´s a lot to do, helping the other kids with there nonsense

But he stil has a tiny moment, to look into the camera for me ;o)


Together with little Plop up high in the tree top ;o))))

Partners in crime ;o)

13 weeks
just 1,5 days in our home with Blizzard & Gale

12 weeks

on the hunt!

11 weeks

10 weeks

Following pictures were made by Anke (cattery av Tyssedal).
Thank you so much for all the nice pictures!!!


8 weeks

7 weeks

6 weeks


new born