EST 1993......

F* I've got Rhythm de Velogny
creme (e)
Born: 28.06.2013

GSD4 normal
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) normal
His immune system is extra ordinairy good! Also his teeth and gums are totally healthy.
A fact that is very important to us, as it is not to be taken for granted these days!

Suprelorin Pause until aprox Decemer 2018

His parents :

Mother: FR*Hyssop de Velogny
(f 22)
Father: DK* Sallings Gawain

Pedigree on Pawpeds

Zelda was showing me pictures of her cats and kittens.
This picture reminded me very strongly of a kitten that i had been breeding myself back in 1996!

"That one is still for sale!" she said to me...
And now he is here, all the way from France :-)

He is very beautiful to look at and we are looking forward to see him develope.
Everytime i see him, it's like a time travel back into the past. So oldfashion is his type.
He's got that from his mom, who looks a lot like our Pippi fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin.
He is very cuddly and funny! His confidence makes him even more funny ;-)

Also he is very easy going - a quality we find very important!!
We will give him all the time to grow up and after that we are going to get very nice kids from him!
In both types - oldfashion and modern, as it's all in him, via his ancestors!

Thank you so much dear Zelda for this possiblitity and the trust!!!

1 year and 5 months



1 year and 3,5 months
Wonderful guy!
totally relaxed temper, but also very playful and lovely towards every creature
Also he is a very funny clown :)


Abd this is the way he looks when i speak to him.... <3
He is just sooo lovely <3

1 year and 2,5 months

1 year and 2 months in summer coat

1 year and 1 month
loads of fuss on his mind...

9 months

9 months in the first days with us

The pictures speak for themselves...

I'm so proud of my cats for beeing so social and easy going!


9 months at the first night with us

6,5 months

4 months