EST 1993......


Maihaugen´s Greta Jasmine
Alias: Snoesje
tortie & white (f 09)
Born: 29.05.2007

Health certificates:
GSD4 normal
HCM normal & PKD & CIN negative on 06-06-2012 at the age of 5 years! ....
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) normal
And of course tested for FIV and FELV before she meets a male.

Her immune system is extra ordinairy good! Also her teeth and gums are totally healthy.
A fact that is very important to us, as it is not to be taken for granted these days!
She even is FIP resistant!

Show results:
Worldshow Houten NL
Nijmegen NL


Complete inbreeding COI only 2,07% and Polaris only 6,96%

Pedigree on Pawpeds

Our grand and great grandchild ;o)))))

Because of the frightening development, considering the health and extreme line breeding these days in the NFO scene,
we started to panic a bit. To continue breeding our way, we are forced to keep our familiar lines for our breeding and get some fresh (old) blood. So we don´t run out of breeding cats in a few years.
Some of our breeding queens are getting of age soon...
And i simply refuse to breed with extreme line breed (in my eyes inbreed) cats, or with cats whos health is in question!
Because we don´t know how long we can continue breeding with our Prima, we wanted to keep a girl from her next litter.
But when i saw Prima´s great-grandchild Greta Jasmine - or more the look of Prima´s eyes in this little creature ;o)
i just fell in love...
And how angry i was, because our Bangerang! is her father - so i could never use her for my males...
When i told this to her breeder, she simply responded: "So you just need another male..."
Hmmm, and so the puzzle was solved! she was right!
I would need another male (new gene pole) anyway, in order to continue my breeding for the next years.
Prima is irreplaceable as a cat of course, but Snoesje will take her place as a breeding queen and there is no better way,
because Snoesje has Prima´s expression and also her temper!!!!
Her father Bangerang! is an extremely kind, tolerant and easy going BIIIIG fellow with THE NFO expression!!!
Also she is Bubbas´ grandchild and has inherited his wonderful ears!
Next to that you find our Tinkerbell, Smykke and Prima´s beautiful mother: Fairytale in her pedigree...
In the 6th generation you even find our old lady Feline!
So its our walk of fame ;o)
Crowned by the fact that a part of Loona´s mothers line is to find in Snoesje´s mother- Dunja´s pedigree!!!!
Dunja is a clown, very sweet and very robust-healthy!!!
So to us, Snoesje is like winning the lottery, because we lost Lonna´s mother´s line.
I still think it´s a shame that we had to neuter our super healthy and beautiful Lonna...

Enough of the lines - How she got to her name?
In Germany they call cats in this colour: "Törtchen" (sweet little pie) and in Dutch, this is a "Soesje",
if you mix in a Snoetje (snout - because of her little white snout ;o) - you get a "Snoesje" ;o)
And a Snoesje is in Dutch a very sweet little girl... it gets funny if you know that our Snoesje is just a tornado brat ;o) -
just like her great grandma - Prima ;o))))))
Prima means: "fine" and if Prima does something forbidden, you call out loud: PRIMA!!! -
just as funny as to call out loud SNOESJE!!!! if she does something forbidden ;o)
We have something with names ;o)

She came into the groop with much self confidence and she´s playing, playing and playing ;o)
Bubbas fell in love with her, seems he knows she´s his grandchild - no wonder - she inherited much from him!
He will take good care of her, just like he always does with his offsprings.
Snoesje doesn´t like that idea, yet - but that will change and they will get good friends -
no one can resist Bubbas´charmes ;o)
And her Prima-eyes... soooo wonderful!!!!!!

We are very curious how this little girl will develop!
To us, she is something veeeeeeeeeeery special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile she´s totally at home here and you can not imagine how much we laugh about her! Simply crying tears from laughing!!!
She´s a real tornado and fooling around like a clown all the time, but on the other hand just oh sooo sweet!!!
Very social with all our other cats and with her charmes she gets everyone to just love her!
Even our old Feline can have a lot from her ;o)
If you call her, she comes running like a dag!
She needs to be with us in all we do (exapt taking pictures ;o)
We enjoy her soooo much ;o)

Her first litter: & grown up: Tindra
Her second litter: und erwachsen: Tristan & Feline & Astor & Amor

Thank you sooo much Anita, for tlike the trusting this special girl to us!!!!!!!!!!

Finally some SNOW!!! :)

13 years old and totally crazy still :)

12 years old...

...and still totally nuts :)

10,5 years old and still extremely healthy and strong!
Weight 6,8kg!

Almost 7 years and still very playfull,
just like it's typical for a tortie ;-)

6 years & 9 months
These pictures are taken by Robert ten Harmsen
, thanks!!!

6,5 Years


Almost 5 years old and as carzy as always!

and stil impossible to get on the picture!

Just turned 4 years old
still taking care of every ones kittens

She might have inherited that from Bubbas (on the right)

3,5 years old

2,5 years old


10 months
And it´s stil hard to get decend pictures from her...

We have soooooo much fun with this brat!!!

Cause she´s not only a brat - she can be veeeery sweet also ;o)

Almost 10 months
A big thanks to Sjanie for these nice pictures!!!

Devil inside ;o)))))))

8 months

Thank you so much Desiree for these wonderful pictures!!!
Finally we got her on the picture ;o)

7 months

With Domino

Prima often looks the same way!!! :o)))))

6 months
weight: 4,4kg!!!

If you look veeery closely,
you might be able to see the very BIG tufts on her ears.

Snoesje & Charlie
She ist still taking good care of Bumsan´s kittens!

This is a VERY! special picture!!!
Feline with Snoesje & Pomona & Charlie
Feline is 14 years old and all her life she HATED kittens!!!
Does the wisdom come with the age???
Old and wise ;o) My dear old Feline girl ;o)

24 weeks
weight: 3,480gr
And no fat at all - so she is very large for her age!

22 weeks

21 weeks
She "helpt" with the photosession of our new litter...

She was watching everything veeery closely and wanted the kittens back into the box ;o)

Our little tornado can be sooo sweet...

I took this opportunity to get some nice pictures of her...

She was coopperative - until...

She decided it is more fun to wreack the decoration ;o)

20 weeks with Tossis & Messis...
Here you can see how hard it is to get her on the picture!!!

and she was gone again ;o)

19 weeks with Messis ;o)

Still a tornado!!!
Tom and Diana were here and they managed to take some nice pictures of her!
But that was not without a lot of effort hahaha ;o)
Thanks a lot for the nice pictures!!!!

18 weeks


Tossa adopted her right away...

15 weeks
It´s almost impossible to take decent pictures of this tornado!!!

13,5 weeks
the second day with us

Here you see Bubbas - but with Prima´s look in the eyes...

A big THANKS to Rob for these nice pictures!!!!

7,5 weeks
here i see Bubbas´ears...

3,5 weeks
here i saw Prima´s look in her eyes...