EST 1993......


Narviks Go Go Girl
Alias: Tinka
black tabby blotched & white (n 09 22)
Born: 23.06.2009

GSD4 normal
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) normal


Complete inbreeding COI only 2,54% and Polaris 9,41%

Pedigree on Pawpeds

A friends kitten was supposed to go to Portugal for export. Narviks was so friendly to bring it there. We just had to bring the kitten to Narviks, when i saw her... A dream of NFO and the lightning stroke... I asked for the pedigree and it was just as good! I just HAD to have her!!! But she was in option for Spain and i had to wait a very long time befor she finaly could move towards us.

She is as beautiful as Cindy Crawford... She doesn't care for humans, but she loves all our cats desperatly. So she feels very good here because we have enough cats ;o) Silas is her most favorite friend. Also she loves climbing our trees. She is very strongbuilt, has a nice coat and even a real straight nose! Unfortunatly she has scar tissue in one of her eyes due to an accident when she was a small kitten. Therefor her eye is chronical irritatet. One of her siblings must have crabbed her in the eye. But she is used to it and sometimes she needs eyedrops and takes them without any arguments. In the beginning we gave her lots of antbiotics for her eye, but she had no side effects. Just as healthy as her pedigree promisses! Often she sits in the tree and when i call her she looks down on me like saying: "What do you want?! I feel good! Leave me alone!" ;o)

Meanwhile she raised her first litter. The delivery was a peace of cake for her. She told us that it was time and we had to stay with her, but we were not allowed to help. She pushed our hands away everytime... Unfortinunately she bitt and broke the tail of the litte Sean. I think she confused it with the delivery cord. There was blood and everything, but we think he didn't hurt. Maybe she got in a rush because of us trying to "help" so much. You can stil feel it when you pet his tail. It feels strange. Next time we won't try to help her so much and leave her to her rest. After a few days of getting used to beeing a mother she became the BEST mother ever! We never had so many dead birds and mice in our house before! She brought everything to her kittens! It's a long time ago that we had such affectionate, funny, noughty and also beautful kittens...
Especially the 12 weeks pictures show this:
Tinka's kids 12 weeks

4,5 years

Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle.. with Memphis...

And with Arthur Weasley...

3,5 years old


3 years old
Thank you Desiree for this very nice picture!

1 year and 2 months
and again with Silas


1 year & 1 month
With Silas

almost 1 year
with Silas

8,5 months

Every one just has to give her attention - even Bubbas...

6,5 months

5 months
just 2 weeks in our home

With her sweetheart Silas

9 weeks

5 weeks