EST 1993......

N*Tom Dooley
black tabby mc & white (n 09 23)
Born on 20.04.2013
Suprelorin pause until March 2016

GSD4 free
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) free
DNA (9 different tests each boy) approved non carrier of colours that are not allowed in the Norwegian Forestcat
and Homozygot for the long hair of the norwegian forestcat.
The tests were taken by "Van Haeringen Groep" where they can sort out the different longhair genes for the:
Norwegian Forestcat, Maine Coon and the Ragdoll.
All tests for both boys proved that they are pure breed Norwegian Forestcats!

Fresh blodd from Norway without any pedigree background!
With amazingly sweet tempers and the REAL norwegian forestcat coat and look...
I was dreaming about this for sooo many years!!

0,0% Polaris!

Show Results:

Nijmegen NL
first time recognized as Norwegian forestcat!!!
Nijmegen NL
NFO 3-6m

Here some pictures of our unforgetable journey to Norway - the most beautyful country on Earth. An experiance we'll never forget!!!

Rarely i've seen kittens that adapt to new situations this quickly!!
The two brothers even ate, drank and used the litterbox durig traveling!!!

We tested both via DNA to proof the don't carry colours that are not allowed in the Norwegian forestcat breed.
As we expected the boys don't carry any other colurs! They are the REAL thing!
All people we meat there (even the local vet!) told us that they had too many cats there.
The norwegian forescat had become a kind of a plague there... A real shock for me!

We will take them to the cat show in the determination class, which is still open in independant cat clubs.
Because we can proof that they come from Norway, they will be registered.
They have an absolutely strnorwegian forestcat coat, but they are looking like the oldest NFO standart.
So we are hoping for some judges who where there at the beginning of the breed...

We are planing one single incest litter (fatherX daughter). To see what they carry geneticly. The resultetd kittens will be given to trustworthy people for free. And these people will test them for HCM, PKD and CIN at the age of at least 3,5 years. Non of the kittens from this test litter is allowed for breeding!

Until that, their kittens will get experimental pedigrees for 3 generations, after that we will get real pedigrees.
We are hoping that other breeders wil follow in our footsteps to get more fresh blood!

Dooley was very difficult to handle at the vets. Even the vaccination was a problem for him (and the vet) and he needed to be sedated.
We didn;t want to bring this into the breed and decided to neuter him. He was very shy and wild. Afraid of strangers and noise.
He simply belonged to nature... Now he lives at a farm and is free. Some times the farmer sees him hush bye...

A big thank you to Petry, Martijn and family! Without you this dream would not have come true!

20 months

19 months

17 months

16 months

I just love his snout<3

In August - 15 months

11 months

Just turned 11 months



Just turned 10 months

Relaxing in the spring sun :D

Just turned 9 months
These pictures are taken by Robert ten Harmsen. Thanks!!! :D


Just turned 8 months

his best friend Shenadoah <3

They had been playing in the rain together, to wash each other dry again - sooo sweet!!

"Just let me help you! Your belly is all wet!"


"Enough! You only make me more wet!!!!"

"Finally finished. Weman..."

6 months & 8 days

He is such a sweet cuddly boy <3

Just turned 6 months



With his brother Smyril Norske Smykke

With sweet Maya

Just turned 5 months
totally relaxed on his first cat show!

These beautyful pictures are taken by Erik and Petry. Thank you som much!!!

ANd this picture was taken by Hans - THANKS! :-)!
Dooley cuddling with the judge <3

16 weeks
Pictures: Karin Geerdink

Totally relaxed on my hands as always <3


14 weeks
Great pictures taken by Henna Raudaskoski from Finland!

13 weeks
These great pictures are taken by Desiree Houtekamer!

Tom Dooley and his brother are just as crazy about children as norwegian forestcats are meant to be!

hey are both so enchanting and sweet!
Dooley looked tooo long at us, driving the car ;-)

Smyril takes a closer look ;-)

Cool guy :-)

The first time they meet the rest of the group! We had to wait for the blood results first to see if they are really healthy.
No problems with the other cats, but the dogs are a bit creepy..

Dooley & Bubbas & Saturn & Smyril (in the hammock)


The travel with the boys
This was on the noisy boat. We had to stay outside on th edek with them.
Dooley is feeling safe in my arms already...

On the way from the parking space to the boat. Dooley is very curious!

We have to wait for the boat on the parking space.
Because we are too early, we sleep a while in the car

This is norwegian guard hair! WOW!

The kennel is examined and we are ready for the long journey...

Here we see them live for the first time!
Mama PK and her/our boys!

We decided to call him Tom Dooley and this is why:
D*Joetunn's Tom Dooley *1995 t2008

I guess i don't have to explain that ;-)

Mama PK is 11 years old!
She looks like the mother of our first Dooley! (FIN*Satukissan Önsekvist)!

The big sister Møyfrid is 8 years old and also in best condition!!!


The little sister Muffi is also very sweet!