Hoppetossa fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
black tabby classic (n 22)
HCM normal PKD negative on 04-07-08
at the age of 4 years and 1 month
GSD4 normal

We kept Tossa to make shure her wonderfull "original" type does not dissapear for our cattery. Her father and mother are neutered. She has no "mega-long" superstraight nose, BUT: wonderfull strong bones, big paws, little tufts on her ears and lots of coat of very good quality! What she also has is: the very funny and friendly temper from her mother and her expression is just wonderfull NFO like!!! Our Dooley & Smykke are her grandpa's, our Pippi & Silas are her parents, wich makes her even more valuable for us because they are really the jewels of our cattery!!!! We could have called her tigger - from winni the pooh, because she's much like him in her temper: jumping around as happy as can be and perfectly well knowing: she's the only one of her kind ;o)
The same day i gave birth to my daughter Jenny-Lee, she gave birth to her first litter and eversince she is convinced that Jenny-Lee is her daughter ;o)
She is sooo very sweet and cuddly!
And she surprises us with her very good typed kittens, who do very good on cat shows!

Her first litter: & grown up: Ior & Nasse & Nalle Puh
Her second litter: & grown up: Themba & Yamina
Her third litter: & grown up: Messis & Tossis
Her fourth litter: & grown up: Gunnar & Ronja
her fifth Litter

2 Weeks

5 Weeks

6 Weeks

7 Weeks

8 Weeks

9 Weeks

12 Weeks

These eyes.....

Just turned 5 months

6,5 months with Arthur Weasley (9 months young)

8 months

10 months with Arthur Weasley

with Loona

1 year & 6 months with Jenny-Lee
Needs no words...

1 year and 8 months
Jenny-Lee is getting a very bad flu here and Tossa doen't leave her side...

1 year & 9 months

1 year & 10 months

2 years & 7 months



We had just one day of snow this year...

Following pictures were made by Anke (cattery av Tyssedal).
Thank you so much for all the nice pictures!!!

August 2007 - 3 years & 2 months

And these pictures are made by Desiree
Thanks a lot!!!

3 years & 7 months

With her daddy Silas

6 years
Because i got a terrible disease, i'm not able to take the same care of so many cats anymore. So with terrible heartache i decided that they deserve better and find a better home for some of my cats.
Now she lives together with our Loona & BamBam fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin

December 2010
together with BamBam & Loona