Ch. Mageroy's Vicky
silver tabby classic/white (ns 09 22)
GSD4 normal
HCM normal PKD negative on 04-07-08
at the age of 3 years and 10 months

With a terrible heartache we had to search for a new home for our Vicky.
We found her a family with only one cat, a dog, children and lots of time to cuddle.
She is not made for a big group and we simply have too many cats for her sake, which made her so nervous that she even started to pull out her coat. Most of the time she was to find on our bedroom cupboard, totally lonely. She´s just made for humans and would love to play and cuddle all day long. We tried a lot (Bach Blossoms etc. ad even when she was temporary neutered by the Suprelorin Chip, it did not get much better) but it would be very egoistic to keep her here. She is just soooo sweet, she earns better... Because she is so very healthy and robust, we kept one of her daughters. We chose pure for temper, so we would not get the same story again with this daughter. Because usually our cats stay with us until the end...

Because all our silver tabby's are neutered, i needed replacement for our breeding. It's not so easy to find a good silver tabby kitten these days, the coat structure is very important and many silver tabby's have a very soft coat. This match is much promising, because her father is black and white and many ancestors are black tabby. Her colour is wonderful pure silver, which is also very special in silver tabby's. And next to these qualities, her type is very promising as well! Super straight nose, a very strong chin, nice ears, high on her legs and her body length is very good as well - matching to this, her tail is long enough. And this is not all: she's the neigh of our just neutered Silas!
Cause his mom is her grandma!
She came into our home and at once we realised that we had chosen the wrong name for her... We should have called her "Queen Viktoria", because she walks through our home very majestically and growls to everyone who is (according to her) behaving not quite royal - which concerns all the other animals her at the moment ;o) Note: She's not afraid of anything! But she simply doesn't want to go to there level and most of all - not to share us with the others ;o) Uncle Silas doesn't care about that, he just examined her from head to toes and she looked very upset about that ;o) Bubbas immediately fell in love with her and to my surprise she looked as if she liked it! She just ignored him and showed him her behind - tail lift up high marching further - with Bubbas following her ;o) Must be because of his name (Lord Archtos) - enough royalty for her? You're reading it, we have much fun with our new girl and it looks like she likes us just the same!

Of course she feels totally at home here now and gets along great with all our cats.
She is still very affectioned and welcomes all our visitors very friendly. One time she even jumped from of the ground into our visitors arms! Thank god he still wore his jacket ;o)
So really a sweet and lovely girl!
Her coatstructure got even better than i expected!
On 22-02-06 she gave birth to a very promising and sweet tempered litter.

Update 2007: Our Vicky has become a very big and good typed NFO lady.
Her kittens are meanwhile 1,5 years old and just as big and nice looking as their mom.
But unortunatly Vicky sometimes marks her territory and all her sons had to be neutered at a very early age...

We can't thank Kerstin enough for this silver jewel!!!!!!!


3 weeks

3,5 weeks

5 weeks

6,5 weeks

7,5 weeks

12 weeks

14 weeks

11 months
She loves to play with water!

Tossa didn´t like that idea at all! And she tried to "fish" her out of the water ;o)

1 Year

2 years, in the end of September

2 years, in the middle of October... the coat is coming

With little Yukon

With little Polaris

2 years, in the middle of November... the coat is still coming

With little Jantje

Following pictures were made by Anke (cattery av Tyssedal).
Thank you so much for all the nice pictures!!!

Almost 3 years - August coat


And these pictures are made by Desiree
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3 years & 5 months

Her parents: