EST 1993......

Baby Boom :)

Trulte Kittens
Born 23-04-2020

Birka Kittens
Born 27-04-2020

Lotte Kittens
Born 26-05-2020

Lissie Kittens
Born 30-05-2020


We make the plans...

we'll see if the cats coop on them ;-)


See the developement of our Previous litters



Kittens we sold abroad

mostly for breeding, but not always!




Pockets lives in Italy

We love to get pictures of our (ex) kittens and see them develope into wonderful adults and seniors!

NOTE! I lost loooads of pictures!
Please send them to me again if you can't find them here!


How we raise our kittens

They are used to children, dogs and all the noises of a family.

They are almost catastrophe proof ;-)