Jerrik av Swalböd

                     He was our first Norwegian Forestcat
                     and he will always have a first place in our heart.
                     He was a very proud fellow and in a funny way arrogant.
                     Jerry always was convinced, that he was the most beautifull
                     NFO around. Although he wasn`t so impressive untill
                     he got 5 years old:) Than he suddenly became the "Lion King"
                     he always declared to be and wich he always was from
                     his wonderfull inside.
                     Of course he always was the boss over all here, including us:)
                     He also was like a brother to our doughter, they often
                     watched TV together: the Lion King, he liked most.
                     When the soundtrack of this Movie began, he emediatly
                     appeared, from wherever he was, to join Romina watching.
                     When some new visitors came to us, it was his name,
                     they first could remember. Jerry always made that shure:)
                     When he was almost 6 years old, he got cancer.
                     Within 6 weeks he left us.
                     We will never forget him and all kittens of our cattery
                     will wear his name with onner.      
fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin meens: "out of Jerrik`s Juwelery chest"
Jerrik av Swalbod