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I always wanted a BIG dog and now we finally have the space (1250 square meter) my dream could come true!
So on March the 12th we got her home:

Spirit Beau
Boerboel bitch born 10-10-2008
These two nice pics are taken by Desiree THANKS!

She also helped with the construction:

Droowling a lot... ;oP
We have towels everywhere now ;o)))))

Romina and Beau - Huckleberry friends

Smykke & Beau guarding the baby

Smykke & Beau bagging for treats

Our Bernese Mountaindog: Alfred!
Born: 21-03-2013

6 weeks young!

Guus already loves him, but we had to wait a little to take him to our home :-)

11 weeks
Beau and Alfred were friends right from the start!!

Almost 4 months

4 months
These pictures were taken by Desiree - Thanks!!!

Beau and Alfred - like peas and carrots!

Alfred with his friend Toos at the Opel Kadett meeting
The pictures were taken by Toos owner, Werner. Thanks!

Beau, also in the frontline for some cookies!

5 months
One grows and grows...
One can sit, go down and even stay sometimes. Follow on foot, stand still at: HALT! and if called, come running like something's on fire!
One can let go of stolen goodies at command: "los!" Otherwise one just hides it in the dog house (like daddy's socks, shoes and mommies purse etc...)

Bread and other food can be stolen from the table and from the Dressors. Cokkies can be digged under the blanked of the basket for hiding.
If someone has noticed, just pretend to be itchy and scratch yourself!...
Alfred is simply joyful allll the time! That is contaigous and brings much joy into our live!
Even though a lot of stuff finds its way into the garbage bag, because one doesn't want to walk around with "wholy" things :P


This young man came across our way by accident.
I saw this picture and this guy looked straight through my eyes!...
We are going to call him Atlas.
8 weeks in this picture

He is a mix between a Kangal and a Germanischer Bärenhund (GBH). The father is a pure breed Kangal and the mother is half Kangal and half GBH.
We liked this interesting mix immediately and Guus said - just give them a call!
He wanted a dog that is just as big and special in charakter as Arco was, but more easy going towards strangers.
Theire advertise looked very good and it seamed like responsable people.
And indeed i found myself talking to a nice lady, who knew all about the breed and who tried to find the right people for her special dogs.
It was a oops litter becuase the suprelorin had worked out already! Both parents are there and both are very sweet and loving!

Guus said i mustn't keep on on staring to that one picture - who knows if he is is still avaiable...
All the puppy's look alike a bit. There were 2 boys still available and we both liked the "more grey one" more, but to be sure we compared them very closely.
It was the grey one. Aramis was his name at that time. A good name with very nice memories of good cats.
But he couldn't be compared to cats, so we needed a new name. That's how we called him Atlas. Just before we wanted to go home, i looked at him again, and i was stunned - it was him! The one from the advertise! He looked into my eyes the same way again!
This was meant to be!!!

Because his owners are responsable, the pappies may stay until week 12 for a better socalizing, which is very important for such breeds.
On saturnday the 7th of September 2013 we are going to get him finally! We can't wait!!!!!

Here Atlas is 11 weeks old
we went to visit him again :-)
The "little ones" like Guus very much :-)

Atlas is on the right

We had brought a cuddle toy for the puppies - they were fighting for it very harshly hahaha

Here it seems like Atlas is coming to tell us that "his" toy had been stolen LOL

That cuddle toy had just lasted a few minutes, even though it was a real doggy toy...

"Pfffff now he's petting the other one!"

Atlas with his mom

This is when we had just chosen for him 10 weeks
the cookkie tasts good :-)

8 weeks - he likes carrots!
Makes you grow healthy and strong!

Our boy on the left

Atlas 5 weeks

Daddy Spartacus and his friend Nanu (Terrier Mix)

Mama Scarlet and Nanu, who is helping to raise the puppies!
Also they have a semi long haired cat!

Atlas is the second from the right

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