EST 1993......


Gr.Int.Ch. Arthur Weasley fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
red tabby mc (d 23)
Born: 19-04-2004
HCM normal PKD negative on 14-12-07
at the age of 3 years and 8 months
GSD4 normal


When he moved from us for the first time as a little kitten, he developed terrible problems with his tubes and got severe diarrhea.
Too many changes in food and too strong medications he had gotten during the first two days!!
They wanted him big like father as soon as possible and stuffed him with weird stuff.
The following days and weeks it only got worse and he was treated even more harsh...
If only they had waited for him to settle down or treated him more targeted...
After 8 weeks we had enough of this and took him home again.
Quickly he got better!!!
But his tubes stayed a weak spot in his body and our vet told us he might only get 4 years old if we are lucky.
His tubes didn't tolerate every food - especially wet food made him suffer for many days! But he loved to steal and he was a good thief...
Everytime we tried another treatment or medication (no matter if it was homeopathic or just meds) his state got even worse!
And still - he always looked stunning!!!! And we looked optimisticaly into the future!
He gave us the most wonderful kittens and many people were willing to wait for ages, getting a kitten or grandchild from him!
Amazing how many people were fascinated of him!
Each time his tubes disease relapsing - he came out strong, with glory!!!
Ecapt for the last time. We couldn't stand seeing him in pain anymore. He stood there crooket of pain in his stomache for some weeks...

No more pain for our lionking
He will never be forgotten as he is truely a legend...
Take a good rest my dear!!! We will meet again!!!!!


Two times he was placed to good homes and two times he came back to us... So our "Boomerang" had succeeded to manage to stay here. He insists that you call him by his full name: "Arthur Weasley"!!! You can imagine how funny it sounds when my 2 years old neigh tries to call him ;o) His temper is hard to describe, he loves to crawl into humans (except for when he thinks they came to take him with them!), licking their chin and giving little love bites afterwards and follows us everywhere around. When he cuddles with us, he enjoys it so much that he shuts his eyes, looking like a lion in ecstasy. Everyone knows how wonderful enjoying lion males look like... He just loves everything that lives, even our cranky old Feline is convinced that she likes him - and that means a lot! His absolute favourite is our Silas - he just loves him desperately. Fortunately Silas is just the same very soft tempered, so he doesn't mind cuddling all the time with Arthur. Sometimes though, Arthur is mistaken in his cat choice and finds himself trying to cuddle with Silas' father Smykke (they do look alike a lot ;o) Then Smykke jumps up and runs away - in the end: he really is a guy ;o) My little daughter Jenny-Lee is also adored by Arthur. Sometimes i think he really is too good for this world. But otherwise it sometimes gives me the creeps how smart he is. But most of all he's very sensitive...

As beautiful minded as he is, as handsome is his outside!
His expression is just wonderful and his type is also very nice!
But look for yourself in the pictures.
His brother Ron Weasley has already proved how he can steal the show on exhibitions and also being a wonderful father to very handsome kitten.
His sister Frl. Antje (her husbands name is Herr Schröder ;o) is also very successful on cat shows. We are very curious about what our Arthur Weasley has in mind for us...

5 weeks with his sister Frl. Antje

6 weeks

9 weeks

9 months

With Minoes & Tante Moortje

With Snorretje

With 10 weeks old Tibbe & 6 months old Hoppetossa

11 months

1,5 years
Once again crawled underneath Jenny-Lee with his enjoying lion look on his face ;o)

1 year & 8 months


2 years and 9 months

A big thanks to Wilma for these nice pictures!!!

We had just one day of snow this year...

A big thanks to Claudia for this nice picture!!!

Following pictures were made by Anke (cattery av Tyssedal).
Thank you so much for all the nice pictures!!!

August 2007 - 3 years and 4 months
Even in summercoat, he still looks just great...

3 years & 9 months


Thank you so much Desiree for these wonderful pictures!!!

A big thanks to Elisabeth for these 2 nice pictures!!!

3 years & 11 months
A big thanks to Sjanie for this nice picture of our lionking!!!

4 years
At the cat show

Bill Weasley & Arthur Weasley waiting together in the nomination panel.
He recognized his son...
A big THANKS to Tom & Diana for this very special picture!!!

Some more pictures from this day, also taken by Tom
Although in summercoat and "many females in the heat" condition, he still looks great!

Relaxe ;o)

And here you can see how sweet he can cuddle...
He´s really a very special guy...