EST 1993......

9 levens Autumn
black tabby mc white (n 09 23)
Born on 16.10.2013

GSD4 normal
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) normal

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Kitten and veteran show NL Eerbeek (organised by: de Noorman)
Second best (out of 7!) female 3-6 months!

Her parents:

Felishof's Lisa Marie
(n 09 23)
IC Neville Longbottom fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
(as 09)

Komplete inbreeding just 2,27% and Polaris just 6,09%!!!

Pedigree on Pawpeds

She is a daughter of Neville Longbottom fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin (just 4,66% Polaris!) and Felishof's Lisa Marie (just 7,19% Polaris!).
Therefore Autumn has a very low Polaris percentage of just 6,09%! This fact is very good for the health of the breed.
Not that i don't like Pan's Polaris, but he is a trend-male and common to be present more than 35 times in one pedigree (over many generations of course)...
They even evented a P
olaris button in the pawpeds pedigree database, to count the Polaris percentage with one klick...
Too much of a good thing is often too much and not so good at all ;-)

In short therms: Autumn is fresh blood for our cattery, with a good type and size!

Her mother Lisa Marie had stayed with us already for a week. She is a very affectionate and sweet girl and very confident!!!
She has a wonderful NFO expression, tufts on her ears and a very good chin!
In combination with the pedigree this is a very promising combination.
Autumn looks a lot like her mom and we like that look very much, so we chose for her.
She will be very precious for our breeding goal.

Autumn is very sure of herself and afraid of nothing. Also she is a little tornado, but veeery affectionate!
Jenny-Lee had tears of happyness in her eyes when Autumn went to sit in her nek, cuddling :o)
And Ella got loads of kisses and gentle headbangs from her - sooo sweeeeet!
Also she showed us how smart she is, beeing raised with dog and kids and very good socialized!
Due to her currage and affectionate temper she felt at home sooo fast!
We are looking forward to see her grow up, together with the other youngsters...
The next generation Smykkeskrin ;-)

We can't wait to see how she will develope!

Thank you so much Sjaak & Wendy for this very special girl!!!!

Almost 7 months
These pictures are taken by Diana Kerseboom - thanks!!!

Hahahaha Prima looks like this often :)

And also this look is like Prima's look...
She is a good mix between her mother and grandma <3

Just turned 6 months

How can one be so funny?...

How can one be so pretty?


5 months

Almost 5 months


Almost 4 months

With her friends Jack & Shenan

14 weeks
The next evenmig after her arrival. Alfred likes her already very much!

Bubbas washed her already...

Jannik also...

Beau is totally in love!
Autumn looks a lot like a kitten that had left us last summer, her very good friend Taiga. Beau greeted her specially happy and friendly...

under the paw ;-)

Into the knot ;-)

Tornado, but also lapcat!

Playing so sweet with Ella!

Within the first hour at our home...

13 weeks

11 weeks
These pictures were taken by Henk en Jaqueline - Thanks!!!!

9 weeks

6 weeks

4 weeks

First pictures