EST 1993......

INT. CH.S*Silvertorpet's Bugatti
black tabby blotched (n 22)
Born 30.07.2011
Both parents HCM tested normal
GSD4 free
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) free

HCM, PKD CIN free testet at the age of 3 years and 2 months

Pedigree on Pawpeds

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Best male kitten 6-10 months at the kitten and veteran afternoon!
Worldshow Houten NL
Nijmegen NL
Gorinchem NL
Woudrichem NL
Wassenaar NL NFO special
Worldshow Houten NL
International Champion!!!

A litter with great sports cars names...
A "Jerry" look that struck right into my heart like a lightning...
From the same village as our Bubbas,
who is part of the foundation of our cattery...
This could be no coincident!
He was made for me ;o)

It was this picture:

8 weeks

Bubbas' breeder Nettan had moved to another house meanwhile, but turns out that Bugatti was even born in the same house as Bubbas
and that she knows Bugatti's breeder very well because of that!
Thank you so much Nettan for playing such a big part in making this dream come true for me!!!

He is everything i hoped for and more...
His charakter is very special. What a personality - just like the look in his eyes promises! Very intelligent and also affectionate. He was raised very nicely with lots of love and affection - i could tell that immedeately. There was also a husky named Truls - how cool is that??!! On the long journey from the north of Sweden, he was totally cool and relaxed. We had to wait a while in Stockholm for the second flight and he was stretching his legs on the leash, while flirting with other passangers! A woman came to sit next to us because she was so impressed by his easy going temper and impressive look. She would steel him from me hahaha NO way ;o))) I guess he knew and spilled all his Humphrey Bogart charmes - Bubbas is my Sean Connery ;oP Our dogs were no problem for him - even the BIG ones couldn't impress him;o) He felt at home very quickly after he had realised that he has to share me here with other cats. First he growled at evry cat that would come close to me - not him hahaha I guess he talked a lot to Truls LOL But than he soon was partners in crime wth Tyra and Icarus. He listens lke a dog and rememers the comments! On the first day he tried to finish the wallpaper work of our former litter... I just had to say: "Ah! No, no!" and he just looked at me like "Oh? I'm not supposed to do that? Okie dokie" and he never touched the wallpaper again! He looked at it the next day - looked at me like "I knooooow - don't touch it" hahaha really funny! You should have seen the look on my face that moment ;oP At night he sleeps in our bedroom, but baby Ella also sleeps there in her cradle. The first night he wanted to join her - OOPS! And this time i only had to whisper twice "Ah! Noo, nooo!" and he knew! He just sleeps next to me so i can feel him the whole night. I don't have to worrie he wil try that again He's just sooo smart! Will it also work when he gets a fertile male and starts spraying? ;o) His "Happy go lucky" temper brings us so much joy! And still he can be very foolish - He's allowed to come upstairs with me to kiss Jenny-Lee goodnight and than he runs down the stairs in front of me and evreytime time he got me fooled! Running up the stairs again so i can go up again to get him down hahaha henever i call him, he instantly throws his tail and whole body up in the air, making a happy "prrrt?!" sound hahaha You can not describe it ;o) He likes Ella very much and however crowded our place is with visitors - he just goes and sit right n the middle of it! He's just gorgeous!

The whole litter is very special and good in type. Great for the cat shows. A perfectly straight nose (also if you feel the nose bone!), the chin is okey, very long body on high legs, a wonderful color and blotched pattern, nice long tail and i specially love his ears, there are also tiny lynx tips upon :o))) And of course his wonderful expression.

The pedigree is modern and contains a lot of celebrities.
His ancestors look just wonderful! Down this page some pictures of his parents and grandfather.

Thank you so much Weronica, for this very precious boy!!!!!!!!!!

2 years and almost 4 months
and Best in Variety
We are so proud of our boy!

Almost 2 years
He sooo sweeet...

1,5 years


The dog is a Boerboel (twice the size of a Boxer)
Bugatti's best friend right from the start ;-)

10 months
These pictures are taken by Desiree - Thanks!!!

With Arthur Weasley

With Icarus

Almost 10 months
These pictures are taken by Reina - Thanks!!!

8 months
Simply beautyful

I just love his look so much...

6 months
He did it again:
Best in Variety

Just turned 6 months
At the kitten and veteran afternoon from "de Noorman"
Best male kitten 6-10 months!
Proud as can be ;o)

Bugatti and Tyra lazy on the cushin in middle of all the fuss!

Almost 6 months
At the catshow in Utrecht
still as cool and relaxed as ever...

Maarten made these two pictures - thanks!

Reina also likes him very much!

Just turned 5 months
Beau is his best friend!

But he also likes little baby Ella very much...
He just likes everything and everyone ;o)))

17 weeks

16 weeks
We love each other :o)))))

But he also loves Romina...

And Guus :o)

A shame this picture is not so good
it shows his nice expression


On the airport...

The last picture from Weronica

10 weeks

4 weeks

His mother S*Runsviks Puma
she is very friendly and greeted me with kisses on my nose :o)))
She has a very nce coat structure!
Ain't she just incredibly beautyful???!!!

His father S*Stortallen's Pim Pim
unfortunately i could not meet him live (yet), but i've been told that he is very sweet amd easy going,
weighting 8kg and loving cat shows!
. ...

say cheeeease
hahaha great picture!

He lives together with his father S*Fridala's Humle
also veeery handsome...

Father and son...

Also a big thanks to Annelie for letting me use the nice pictures of daddy and grandpa!