EST 1993......

Ch. D*Jannik von Gremmenbygd
black tabby blotched & white (n 09 22)
Born: 23.02.2012

GSD4 free
HCM normal on 26-07-13
at the age of 1 year and 5 months
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) free
Amber: EE (non carrier)
HCM, PKD, CIN normal on 22-04-16
at the age of 4 years and 2 months

His immune system is extra ordinairy good! Also his teeth and gums are totally healthy.
A fact that is very important to us, as it is not to be taken for granted these days!

Unfortunately he is extremely agressive towards other males ( even if they are neuters!) when he is fertile.
Suprelorin works only after 7!!! months. And as he is so depending on human attention we had no other choice but neuter him.
He passes this behaviour on to his sons and so we are going to keep a daughter of his last litters he made shortly before neutering. We don't want to lose his helath and affectionate temper for our cattery.
A few days after neutering he was declared free of HCM and PKD and CNI again.
His gums and teeth are still 100% healthy!

Unfortunately his behaviour towards other males didn't change after he was neutered.
So we decided it was best for him to live with my daughter and her housecat. He is totally happy now.

Show results:

6-10 m
Worldshow Houten NL
Kitten and Veteran show Eerbeek NL
Woudrichem NL
Wassenaar NFO special

His parents:

D* Daria fra Storsjoen
(Prima's grandchild!)
(n 22)
D* Int.Ch. Tommy von Schloß Gilmoore
(es 03 22)

Total inbreeding only 2,67% and Polaris only 8,80%

Pedigree on Pawpeds

XXL tufts with an Amicus look and a "Prima X Bubbas" charakter...
I just couldn't resist!

Because of his healthy self confidence, all cats here liked him at once! Everybody seemed to think that he was part of the family all his live! The mothers adopted him and all the kids played with him immediately! He wasn’t afraid one second! And he can cuddle so sweet with his BIG and loud purr.

Ella’s birthday turbulence's the day after his arrival didn’t impress him and he greeted the visitors friendly! He loves eating and so he is already a strong boy! He already sits on my lap, begging for food, just like Smykke always did.

His pedigree is in the motto of: “Cobbler, stick to your last!” Next to our Frl. Antje (Prima X Bubbas) the pedigree also contains a lot of old German blood. Like Mimir's Franz Schröder for example, who not only has 0% Polaris in his pedigree, but who’s also very handsome, sweet tempered and non spraying. Jannik’s father also doesn’t spray! Last but not least - Jannik has a very nice type!

Unfortunatley he doesn't like other males around him. No matter if they are neuters or not.
Amicus and Icarus were even bitten a hole in the ear by him!
Suprelorin is only making him a bit milder, but still he is teasing the others.
We found out that suprelorin takes veeery long until it works in him!
He is acting normal again and every one is happy :)

3 years
Picture taken by Dagmar - thank you so much!

23 months
This picture was taken by Robert ten Harmsen! Thanks!!!

22 months

20 months

18 months

With baby Smyril

10 months

A shame you can't see his XXL tufts on the ears so well.

If you are wearing glasses, you might see the large tufts a bit.

Here you can see his tufts much better

8 months
he like the kittens very much - sweet heart!

5 months 3,3kg
His favorite spot is my shoulder!
He inherited that from his great grandma Prima and his great grandpa Franz Schroeder!

Just like the kisses he gives us to our ears and like he washes our hair. Sooo sweeet!


Romina's shoulder is also very comfortable ;-)

perfectly straight nose

4,5 months
His breeders came to visit.
He recognized them and knew at once that all the toys they brought are just for HIM...

He really is something special!


Almost 14 weeks with his new mom Snoesje

13 weeks

These pictures are taken by Reina!


Here you can see his tufts a bit better

Sooooo sweet!!!

The day after his arrival he already "helpt" to built Ella's birthday present!

11 weeks

5 weeks

4 weeks
peek aboo!
He is curious :-)

3 weeks

2 weeks

He already knows he's beautyful ;-)


1 week


New born