EST 1993......


Ch.Memphis fra Jerriks Smykkeskrin
black smoke/white (ns 09)
Born: 03-07-2005
GSD4 normal


*03-07-2005 - 03-11-2017
He had a big Tumor at his lungs...
Our Clown, daddy's favorite en also favorite of most our visitors.
It hurts so much...

When i saw the wonderful development of the kitten from the same combination, i knew that once i had to neuter Bubbas i would keep one of the males of this combination as successor of his father Bubbas.
Now Bubbas is neutered, Memphis will take over his job as our breeding male.
Memphis is a copy of his father in temper. He follows us everywhere around and loves to fight with us as much as he loves to cuddle with us. His self confidence is just as great and he showed us from the start that he would be the one not to leave. His head is full of nonsense and he's very difficult to get on pictures because he can't sit still. Just like his father when he was that age. Our little tornado, who doesn't know his enormous strength ;o)

In Type he's much promising! Very straight nose, good chin, the heaviest of his litter (2140gr with 13 weeks), very big ears with tiny little tufts upon. He's got "The Look" a long tail at the end of a long, massive and heavy boned body. The judges alsways think that they have a neuter on their table ;) His coat structure is very nice for a smoke and we know that the kittens from the same combination got excellent coat structures! The typical NFO coat structure is very important to us, considering that it quietly disappears from most NFO's! We are very curious about his further development - will he get as wonderful as his sibling from the year before?
Here you can find his babypictures & his brother Texas
And here you can find pictures of his older siblings: Connor & Ivanhoe, Ebony&Ivory, Lancelot, Avalon

Meanwhile he´s a daddy already and the quality of his kids is just marvalous!!!
Take a look at his children:
With Prima & with Tossa & with Bumsan & with Tossa
in the Kitten-Gallery you can see them all grow up!

June 2016
With his father Bubbas

January 2010
Memphis with his daddy Bubbas...

September 2007
With his father Bubbas

5 weeks

8 weeks

17 weeks


8 Months


Memphis & Dooley

1 year and 3,5 months
With his son Jantje

1 year and 5 months

It´s hard to get this cuddlebear on the picture!
He keeps on running towards you and/or shuts his eyes very friendly ;o)
Even if you get someone to help you, so that he would stand still,
it stayes hard to get him decently on the picture!
So just hold him in your arms ;o)

We had just one day of snow this year...

September 2007
with his daddy, Bubbas...

2 years & 5 months


These pictures are made by Desiree
Thanks a lot!!!

2 years & 7 months