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Cio Cio San's Shenandoah
black tabby white van odd eyed (n 01 21 63)
Geboren op 21.06.2013
Suprelorin pause until Oktober 2015

GSD4 normal
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) normal

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Worldshow Houten NL
Kitten and veteran show NL Eerbeek
Second best (out of 6!) female 6-10 months!
Steenderen NL

Her parents:

Mother: N*Mestro's Afrodite
(n 01 21)
Father: Cio Cio San's Eusi Ngombe
(ns 01)

Complete inbreeding COI: 3,07% and Polaris: 13,8%

Pedigree on pawpeds

Guus was supposed to get a beautiful red female, but it turned out to be a male.
He wanted a girl for himself - if not a red one, maybe a white one.
But because of the risk for deaf kittens he decided against a white one.
Now we have one with loads of white and odd eyed - problem solved!

On Facebook i had followed Roberts (Cio Cio San) litters a bit.
All high white, very beautiful and lovely!
This special girl i liked the most. She is special in my eyes... Guus thought so, too :-)
And the very special odd eyed had always attract me!

When Robert posted the 17 weeks pictures, we couldn't resist anymore.
I contacted Robert and now Shenandoah is here :-)
The name "Shenandoah" is Native American for "beautiful daughter from the stars"
Here the beautiful song about her:

Oh Shendoah i love your daughter...

She is indescribably enchanting, lovely and beautiful!
When we went there to pick her up it seemed the already knew that she belongs to us! She went sitting in our kennel over and over again.
And she started cuddling with me right over! :-)
During the trip home she sat on my lap all cuddling...
At home she went sitting in Guus neck right away and... cuddled hahaha
Once in a while she growled at the dogs, but that was it! So sweet and confident!
During the first night she combed my hair (trampling) washed my face and how loud can she purr!!!
She is very promising in type and we are convinced that she will like showing herself on cat shows, considering her very confident and brave nature.

Thank you so much Robert, for your trust and this amazing beauty!!!

14 months
I like this picture very much. It shows her like she reallly is...

9 months

Almost 9 months

With her new friend Nicky

8,5 months

7 months

With Jack and Dolly

6 months

Shenan & Memphis

This way she spends ALL her/our evenings...

17 weeks

The morning after arrival...

Oh how beautiful she is <3

And BIG Beau is not frightening anymore - she is even warm and cosy - unbelievable!

The first eavening..

Guus is also very happy about her <3

Dooley has to investigate the newcomer

Icarus is also very interested!

Wondering... LOL

My kids also liked her immediately! :-)
This one we take home! ;-)