EST 1993......


D*Wilma av Tjoensberg
red silver tabby mc/white (ds 09 23)
Born: 20.07.2013

Suprelorin pause until June 2015

DNA test results:
GSD4 normal
Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PK deficiency) normal
Bloedtype: N/N
Agoutie: Aa
Amber: EE (no carrier)

HCM & PKD negative on 15-07-2016 at the age of almost 3 years

Unfortunately Wilma has been very shy and scared right from the start.
We hoped that would change after having a litter, but it didn't.
So we had to find a quite and peaceful home for her, so she could finally feel safe and let go of the stress.
She moved together with her son Helge.

Her parents:

Mother: D*Atyria's Fleur
(fs 09)
Father: D*Rasmus von der Hahnenwiese
(es 23)

Compleet inbreeding COI just 2,90% and Polaris just 9,13%

Pedigree on Pawpeds

Well... a red female... What can i say,
Eversince Feline died in 2011 we missed such "red-female-personality"
(the red girls have something special, believe me ;-)
And when Arthur Weasley died also...
Here she is! Our cute Wilma with her oldfashion pedigree :-)
She contains loads of old German bloodlines.

Wilma simply looks great!
We are looking forward to see her developing to a mature lady!
She is also very large for her age!

PLaying is her favorite business! Her (empty) cigarettes are very important to her!
But all other toys are welcome too. We are on the best way to win her heart by playing ;-)

She is truely an enchanting and lovely girl. Always friendly <3

1 year and 3 months

One year and 2 months young

Almost 10 months old
These pictures are taken bij Diana Kerseboom - Thanks!!!

Just turned 9 months
She's so sweet, enchanting and loving! <3



Hahaha she really makes us laugh a lot!

Just turned 8 months

She is so sweet to everyone!!

She is enchanting <3

Enjoying the spring sun at her favorite spot :)

7 months, outside on the scaper

the camera is a bit scary still...

Her brother Nicky (left) doesn't mind, as long as he can catch the feather stick ;-)
But still Wilma is showing us her nice profile

Shenan also joins in

7 months in the first 2 days with us

She just loves to play!


She loves her (empty) cigarettes! We are glad that we got some from her breeder as it brings her closer to us!

With her brother Nicky

7 months, still at her parents home with her brother Nicky

7 months

6 months

5,5 months

4,5 months